Do you know how DOES bone china BE made?

Updated: Jun 16, 2018


elegant bone china sets

The formation of bone porcelain mainly depends on silica, alumina and calcium oxide. The higher the content of calcium oxide, the better the color. In nature, calcium oxide does not come from many sources, so animal bone meal is chosen as the source of calcium oxide.

In fact, the so-called Bone China is a herbivorous ash (the main Ca3 (PO4) 2) as raw material, and high quality kaolin, quartz and other accessories mixed, after 1280 degrees of glaze, and made of bone china products. Generally speaking, 25% of the bone powder added to the raw material can be called bone china, but the best Bone China in the world today is the bone powder content of 45%-51%, and the best of the bone.

The process has been made through the process of grouting, mould pressing, gypsum mold dehydration, and the process of baking, glazing and decal paper. After high temperature, it has become a porcelain with high white, high transparency and fine porcelain. In the process of burning bone porcelain, its regularity, whiteness, transparency, thermal stability and other physical and chemical indexes are very high, and the rate of waste products is very high. The value is higher than that of other kinds of porcelain because of its exquisite materials, fine production and strict standards.

The unique burning process and the addition of bone carbon make the impurities in the porcelain clay be eliminated. The bone china appears to be more white, delicate, transparent, light, less flawed, and is thinner than the ordinary porcelain, and has a special sense of cleanliness in the vision. The strength is higher than the ordinary porcelain, and it is two times of the daily porcelain. The higher the content of bone powder, the composition of clay is relatively lower, the more easy to burn in the process of making, the more high technology is needed in the forming, and it is more difficult to burn, so it is more precious.

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