How do you choose the right coffee set?

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

learn ceramic mug coffee knowledge and create better life

coffee sets

The fast-paced life of urban makes people feel breathless. Coffee is the favorite of many white-collar workers, golden collar and urban youths. Therefore, how to improve the quality of life and how to choose the appropriate coffee set is very important. Next, I'll teach my friends how to choose the right coffee set.

How do you choose the coffee set?

First is the modeling, we should observe whether the shape of each accessory is unified and coordinated. The cup should not be too big. Generally, half the capacity of the glass is suitable, but the cup should be large, the bottom line is smooth and the appearance is elegant and elegant, the color and lustre are pure.

Again, the quality of the choice. Whether the surface of the porcelain is smooth and moist, the glaze has speckles or small holes in the glaze, and the two ends of the handle are carefully observed. Because the production of the handle is directly attached to the outer wall of the porcelain, it is easy to have the condition of lack of glaze, crack, collision or skew because of the inadvertent production; two cups can be observed if the mouth surface of the cup is deformed. The mouth of the child together, if not warped convex uneven, is the upper product; in addition, the size of the lid of the pot is not loose and not loose.

The last is the sound. You can put a cup on your left hand and tap the wall gently with your right finger. If you make a jingle and crisp sound, it is good. If the sound is low or contain noise, it is possible to crack or touch the inner wall, so it should be prudent.

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