The ceramic market of all countries that you do not know

Updated: Jun 16, 2018

German antique porcelain and ceramic mug coffee sets are popular for Chinese ceramics. They are quite popular products. In Japanese porcelain field, the coffee is better than the wine, the German consumer most people like the elegant color; the artistic porcelain. Generally they likes the bright and elegant, the high artistic level ,they like the small animal modeling; all kinds of porcelain vases such as slender flat belly bottle. At present, some knowledge classes are keen on primitive artistic porcelain, so antique porcelain sells well. Germany has strict restrictions on lead dissolution, and likes underglaze colors. The merchants suggested that we should make more Oriental colors in flower patterns, such as good porcelain carving characters, and sales can be increased. 


The high content of lead and cadmium is unmarketable in daily use porcelain. France also produces ceramic mug cup, which is required to apply for a license from China except for furnishings. The French like the design of horses, and horses symbolize happiness in France. Peacock is a curse for birds, so the French do not like it. In addition, the French do not like yellow and green flowers, and the elephant's nose is considered unlucky. In the French market, many of our Macao's pastel and colorful vases were imported from Japan and added to Macao. In France, consumers prefer the vase lamps exported to China with the best sales of 6 inches -18 inches. Because European rooms are generally not high, the lamps are not high enough. The French market is better to sold to the imitation of European style figures, animals, flower and bird patterns, small size of porcelain animal modelling is more marketable than the large size, high cadmium content of daily porcelain is unsalable.


Preference for Oriental flowers does not have strict lead restrictions on porcelain. The businessmen in the country reflected that my tea set and coffee set matching methods were more suitable for Spanish people, but they were not very popular. According to the views of the merchants, there is no characteristic of the flower surface of our country at present. They are required to reflect the oriental features, such as pavilions in the East, or dragon and phoenix patterns, etc. The exquisite blue and white porcelain imported from Shanghai is more popular. The imported porcelain of Spain is taxed by weight and the lighter tax is lighter. My porcelain vases in Jingdezhen are more popular in Spain.


The demand for fine ceramics is strong. The United Kingdom is an early ceramic country in Europe, and ceramics are commonly used in the UK. In addition to exporting large quantities of ceramics, Britain also imports large quantities of ceramics. Most of the British ceramic market is occupied by 18 or 21 teapots, and a small part is teapots, cups and saucers. Chinese ceramic products are famous in the UK market. Consumers are quite appreciative of the white, beautiful shape and patterns rich in the oriental nation. The 18 tea sets in China are well known in the UK because they are well suited for four families. The import of ceramics in Britain is limited by the amount of lead. Some of my ceramic products have "spots", which are not suitable for quality requirements. Although they have improved in packaging and decoration, they are still not as good as those in other countries. In addition to importing artistic porcelain, Britain imports a large amount of artistic ceramics. Our enterprises will have a bright future in developing new products in this regard.


I love purple clay pottery pot, and Italy also produces porcelain, supplying its own market and exporting. The main purpose is to produce large amount of raw stone, most of which are colored glaze or underglazed color. For me, Jiangxi's sugar bowl and milk cup are too big to match the teacups, and many businessmen sell them for sale. Italy has a strict inspection of lead content. The flower pattern of flower vases is better than figures, flowers and birds, and landscape designs are second to none. 

Gourd plum bottle and tetragonal bottle are popular. White porcelain is very popular both in furnishings and in porcelain. Italians like the pattern of duck, and do not like the design of black and chrysanthemums. Artistic porcelain like women's fingers can not be tilted alone, it is said that this action is indecent. The purple pottery pot is better sold, but the cane should not be made of metal or plastic.


The proportion of China's ceramics exported to Australia is small, and the products in Japan and Britain are dominant in Australia. But I have great potential for the export of ceramic products in Australia, especially for the artistic porcelain. Australia's reflection on my ceramics is:

The quality of the cup is not uniform, the color of the flower surface is not uniform, and it can not be matched. Some of them have defects, and the bottom of the dish is rough.

2. The packaging is not well enough, the cartons are too heavy and the breakage rate is large.

The amount of lead in some products is exceeding the standard.

Delivery is not timely enough, and often miss the peak season. The Australian market has been popular in recent years with iron and iron porcelain, accounting for about 50% of the total imports of ceramics, and is still developing. These two kinds of porcelain are similar to those of brown glazed pottery in Henan, Shanxi and Shandong.


The control is narrow and the porcelain is sold in the family in Singapore, and the restaurants and other catering industries are restricted by Singapore's health law and use plastic utensils. In Singapore, the amount of lead released from ceramics should not exceed 7PPM. In addition, all ceramics with breakage and breakage are prohibited.And it is possible to be fined. Therefore, small hotels, tea houses and snack bars use plastic utensils. Some high class restaurants use ceramic utensils. Once they are cracked or damaged, new ones will be replaced.


Japanese like to use porcelain in summer and pottery in winter, because they use warm pottery in winter. The most family, hotel in Japan like the use of pottery, tea, teapot, bowl, plate, pot, bottle, jar and other colors are glazed, such as gray glaze, red, kiln change and so on. Specifications for small teapots require 4 inches -5 inches, which are usually straight and do not like lifting beams. The spout likes to move downward. The Japanese used to button up their glasses before drinking, so the bottom was large, and the other kind of open tea bowls were also popular. Japanese also like the art of imitation of old pottery. Japan produces pottery in its own country, but its production capacity is small and far from meeting the needs of its own market. Because of the high wages of the staff in the country and the cost of producing ceramics is not as good as that of other products, the production and export of ceramics are gradually shrinking, which is a promising market for us, but it is necessary to solve the problem of the amount of lead dissolving. Japanese businessmen advised me to export more old porcelain to high-grade packaging, which can be broken and sold at high prices. Japan likes the pattern of the tortoise of the cranes. This has the meaning of prolonging the life. The tea set is matched. It is necessary to avoid the number of "four". Because the "four" and "death" sounds are very similar, the Japanese think it is unlucky.


High quality and low price. Porcelain sales in the Canadian market are mostly artistic porcelain, sculpture is dominated by characters, and containers are mainly vases. Canadian merchants reflect that the prices of products in mainland China are relatively high and are not easy to sell. Japanese products are more popular, mainly glaze color is very bright. Our product wants to open the Canadian market, one is to improve the quality, and the second is to reduce the export price. Canada requires the elegant color of the porcelain pattern, with the simple background color of bright green, purple, gold, peacock blue and other patterns, the price is about 30-40 dollars each, the color is fine, suitable for gift, and the products of relatives and friends are suitable for sale.


I like Chinese furnishings and vases. The Mexican regarded Chinese porcelain as a treasure, and it was recorded that Chinese porcelain was exported to the port of Akwuegbu M Go, Mexico, over 400 years ago. At that time, how much of the property was measured by some aristocrats in possession of Chinese porcelain. Nowadays, Chinese porcelain has a bright future in Mexico market, especially furnishings, vases and so on.

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