What is the difference between ceramic and enamel? Which is more harmless to the human body?

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

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Ceramic is a hard substance formed after a series of physical and chemical reactions of clay raw material, barren raw material and flux material through proper proportioning, crushing, forming and roasting at high temperature. Common products are: ceramic tea sets, ceramic plates, ceramic bowls, various kinds of ceramic living utensils, etc. Multi - expression ceramic multi - functional dressing tank enamel is a composite material that is coated on a metal surface with a layer of glaze or a number of layers of porcelain glaze, which is firmly combined by a physical and chemical reaction between the both. The greatest advantage of doing this is corrosion resistance. More common examples are enamel frying pan, enamel washbasin and so on. Modern enamel pan like 50s and 60s enamel cup.

How do you distinguish between the both? First of all, enamel is coated with a layer of ceramic glaze on the metal surface, burned by high temperature; enamel is only one layer on the surface of metal, and the enamel industry requires a good suspension. Once again, ceramics are mainly glazed with ceramic glaze on the ceramic body and fired at high temperature. The ceramic industry requires good plasticity, molding properties and burning whiteness; refractory materials require high refractoriness, so the composition of ceramics is not much different from the composition of the rock.

Therefore, it is concluded that these materials do not have any chemical raw materials and are almost harmless to human body.

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